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Capacitive Slider

Made with Liquid Wire’s proprietary fluid phase, metal gel conductor encapsulated in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)

• Capable of being stretched 30% for up to 30,000 cycles

• Minimal hysteresis and linear resistance change during stretch

• TPU and metal gel properties ensure fatigue-free behavior

• Easily embedded into customer preferred fabric layup

• Durable and launderable up to 50 wash-dry cycles

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Strain Sensor No Fabric-02.png

Strain Sensor
(No Fabric)

Strain Sensor Fabric Adhered-01.png

Strain Sensor
(Fabric Adhered)


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  • Structural monitoring, smart wearables, industrial applications

Features and Benefits

  • Independently tested to 100% stretch for more than 30,000 cycles

Features and Benefits

  • Hysteresis-free & fatigue-free

  • Linear resistance changes while stretching

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Features and Benefits

  • Easily embedded into customer preferred fabric layup

  • The world’s only washable strain sensor

  • Engineered output connection enables 50 wash/dry cycle durability

For more information download our Strain Sensor Data sheet

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