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Custom LED Designs 

Whether you are going for illuminated high fashion, safety through added visibility, or a little of both, Liquid Wire can help.  

We specialize in bringing your custom designs to life, from design assistance to production. Our stretchable, flexible electronics practically disappear into garments, so lights can meld into comfortable shoes and clothing without looking clunky or gimmicky. 

• Addressable light patterns

• Simple curves or complex shapes 

• All fabric types

• Wash tested 


Joegood22, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


Das Blinken Hat.jpeg

Strain Sensor
(No Fabric)


LEDS connected by metal gel lit up.png
  • Structural monitoring, smart wearables, industrial applications

Features and Benefits

  • Independently tested to 100% stretch for more than 30,000 cycles

Features and Benefits

  • Hysteresis-free & fatigue-free

  • Linear resistance changes while stretching

For more information download our Strain Sensor Data sheet

Contact sales at to tell us more about your application.

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