Device-ready stretchable circuits open up new possibilities for electronics designers

Significant recent advances in metal gel wiring have led to the world’s first washable, bendable, stretchable, fatigue-free circuit that is application-ready for use in wearables and other devices

Electronics designers have always been constrained by conventional flex PCBs and wiring that can't withstand significant stretching or bending over time without harming device performance. Now with the arrival of stretchable metal gel wiring developed by Liquid Wire, this new class of material has electronics manufacturers rethinking what's possible for their devices with circuits enabling unprecedented pliability, durability, comfort, precision, and consistent measurement. Request Demo

Resistance changes linearly during stretch, then returns to the original resistance even after 30,000+ stretches


Unlike conventional wires, metal gel flows and stretches with the circuit's substrate. This allows circuits to be deformed, twisted, or stretched virtually unlimited times and the metal gel simply reflows back into place restoring its initial conductivity. 

Beyond transmitting digital information, the circuit can also act as a strain or pressure sensor feeding measurements into your device. This offers medical devices a totally new and unique way to gain more precise multi-axis measurements of body movement with conformable sensors that are comfortable to wear.

  • Carrier Substrate agnostic, non-toxic, RoHS compliant

  • Best in class hard-to-soft transitions and vias

  • Modular architecture ready for application


For a hands on evaluation, request a demonstration kit including working examples of Liquid Wire circuits, pressure sensors, and strain sensors. Contact Bill Hanrahan, EVP of Sales & Marketing to explore application in your device.

Ready to stretch the capability of your device? Request demo metal gel circuits and sensors for evaluation.

Working example application of strain sensor

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