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Liquid Wire joins Indium Corporation at IPC APEX

Liquid Wire was pleased to be asked by our friends at Indium Corporation to join them in their booth at IPC APEX in San Diego. At this year's event, Liquid Wire is very excited to unveil numerous practical examples of our latest innovations in stretchable metal gel circuits and sensors. This includes a live demonstration of a room-temperature, solderless process for circuit assembly with major implications for advancing electronics designs into a whole universe of new substrates. This video preview highlights just one of many functional examples we’ve brought with us to San Diego for attendees to explore in the Indium Corporation booth, number 3046. Visitors to the booth will get a hands on experience with the world's most advanced pliable circuit materials and join Liquid Wire as we accelerate into the next frontier of electronics design.

Contact Bill Hanrahan at for a personal demonstration and to access example materials to evaluate for adding stretchability, as well as soft strain sensing and pressure sensing into your electronics device.

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