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Liquid Wire Passes Wash Test for Performance Apparel

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

(Portland, OR, October 8, 2020)

Liquid Wire Inc. announced today that its stretchable circuitry has passed a stringent wash test regimen required by performance apparel makers.

Liquid Wire, founded in 2016 in Portland, Oregon, has established itself as the global leader in the emerging field of pliable and stretchable Metal Gel circuitry. The Company produces advanced fluid circuits on both plastic and textile substrates using a Metal Gel based on a patented non-toxic gallium alloy modified with proprietary additives. The resulting circuit consists of fluid interconnects entrapped in soft elastic materials, duplicating the mechanical behavior of a moving human body. This allows sophisticated sensing and data processing functions to be directly integrated into comfortable form fitting garments.

Liquid Wire’s mission to produce electronics that flex and stretch naturally while embedded invisibly in functional materials also enables medical wearables, safety wear and non-wearable industrial applications in robotics, structural monitoring, automotive and aerospace.

The Portland metro area hosts many global leaders in performance apparel, so this was a natural first vertical market for Liquid Wire’s technology. To address this market, garments enhanced with Liquid Wire circuitry must endure the rigors of washing and drying. Repeated agitation, heat, and water immersion are challenges that few electronics can withstand.

Jorge Carbo, Innovation Director of Liquid Wire stated, "Through a third-party validated wash test program with the textile experts at Hohenstein, we are pleased to have delivered on this promise

of making our invisibly integrated electronics something that customers can count on in their next-generation garments. Our Metal Gel sensors inherently can measure respiration and joint flexion. Temperature, heart rate, and other biometric sensor capabilities are also embeddable into Liquid Wire soft circuits.”

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Daniel d’Almeida

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Liquid Wire Press Release 10.8.20
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