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Liquid Wire’s stretchable circuitry revolutionizes wearables, medical devices, and industrial applications by removing bulky packaging and delivering a new generation of advanced, rugged, and flexible products.

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Reasons to Trust Liquid Wire

Durability is our strength, and rigorous testing is our commitment. Instead of testing our strain sensors 20,000 or 200,000 times, we went further.

A third-party lab tested them for a million cycles, stretching to 30% elongation every second for 12 straight days. To make a long story short, our sensors thrived—no change in responsiveness and minimal hysteresis.

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Liquid Wire electronics are rugged enough to withstand millions of strain cycles without a noticeable change in performance or significant hysteresis. Simply put they're in a class by themselves.

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Softer, sleeker, more rugged, higher performance - whatever your product designs call for our offerings create opportunities to stand out with more advanced and aesthetic electronics.


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Contact us to learn more about our stretchable electronics and request an evaluation kit. Explore our detailed Product Pages for data sheets, and designs for manufacturing (DFM) insights.

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