Liquid Wire has created modular components that, combined with any currently available sensor, will completely upend the wearable electronics market. Our Core Component Blocks are the basic building blocks for nearly any technical application.

Project Realization: MSK+ Platform

Bodies are made to move.

Wearable technology should be too. Solutions for monitoring joint health outside a doctor or PT visit all rely on extrapolations of joint movement from camera based systems, smart watches, or cumbersome and difficult to calibrate systems of strapped on accelerometers. The Liquid Wire MSK+ Platform directly monitors joints, putting it in a league of its own.

Liquid Wire’s fluid phase stretchable circuit technology places sensor networks directly against the skin in form-fitting, seamless apparel, to radically improve both monitoring precision, and comfort for the patient.

Liquid Wire’s Musculo-Skeletal monitoring system is completely modular. We can configure it to address any joint, and integrate any sensor currently available using standard surface mount form factor. Our circuit technology also acts as a linear strain sensor, enabling us to pick up strains and pressures small enough to distinguish contraction of individual muscles, movement of tendons, and swelling or deformation anywhere in the joint.