Flexible products and creative team empower your imagination

Success in today's market requires many ingredients. Our patented Metal Gel conductor, pliable circuit design expertise, and dedicated technical and manufacturing support staff are dedicated to serving our customers. 

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Conformable Tech

We produce Metal Gel circuitry bonded into plastic and textile substrates. Our patented high viscosity gel is formulated from a eutectic alloy with a crosslinked oxide structure. This gel stays in place when printed and provides low resistance conduction without any cure step. 

Our strain sensors are fatigue-free and respond linearly to stretch. This enables many applications, such as breathing monitors and mechanical strain gauges.

Extending Electronics Anywhere

We achieve pliable circuitry with interconnects on dynamic substrates that flow and stretch while carrying power or high-speed signals. Our proprietary via technology allows multi-layer circuits with surface mount components, replacing traditional Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) functionality with a circuit that bends, twists and stretches unlike any other electronics on the market. Liquid Wire solutions seamlessly integrate electronics into your product, whether a wearable medical device or a novel industrial monitoring application.