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Stretchable fluid circuits enable game-changing new design possibilities for electronics

Need circuits that perform like traditional electronics but don’t mind being deformed, pinched, or stretched? Want to combine stretchable and flexible with rigid? Frustrated with unreliable conductive inks and fiber interconnects on your wearable design?


Whether you are innovating something new, upgrading an existing product, or solving a performance or manufacturing issue, consider lightweight, rugged, practical components from Liquid Wire.


Since 2017, we’ve been delivering solutions for a wide variety of R&D, engineering, and manufacturing teams. We’d love to provide solutions for you.

"It exhibits remarkable resilience
and conductivity, making it virtually indestructible and highly adaptable.
It remains a consistent conductor regardless of its form, whether washed or deformed." 

M.D. Poliks Director,
Center for Advanced
Microelectronics Manufacturing


Our rugged, stretchable interconnects are the future of electronics.

  • Replaces rigid, bulky wiring with smooth, low profile gel phase circuits 

  • Aesthetic, flexible, and durable hard-to-soft transitions

  • Conductivity is hundreds of times greater than silver ink

  • No soldering required

  • Work on nearly any substrate

Strain Gauges

Measure even the most minute changes in stretch and strain without our "barely there" strain sensors. ​

  • Stretchable 30% and more

  • Bend radius 1mm

  • Third-party wash tested for 50+ cycles

  • Minimal hysteresis and drift

LED Lighting

Our stretchable, flexible electronics practically disappear into textiles, so lights can meld into garments without looking clunky or gimmicky. 

  • Addressable light patterns

  • Simple curves or complex shapes 

  • Virtually all fabric types

  • Wash tested 


Heated garments and accessories get lighter and more comfortable with Liquid Wire.

  • Highly efficient

  • Customizable

Flexible Sensors

Our sensors can detect contact for

a wide range of applications.

  • Thin and robust

  • Bonding capabilities across virtually any fabric

  • Customizable

Capacitive Sliders

Soft Antennae

Our capacitive sliders are driving new designs in wearable, consumer, and automotive controls. ​

  • Integrates beautifully with textiles

  • Withstands manufacturing pressure and temperatures

Do your medical wearables need washable, durable, and much more comfortable antennae? 

We'd love to talk!

Can a truly comfortable wearable generate biomechanically meaningful data?

It can with Liquid Wire interconnects, sensors, antennae, and more. Our components offer flexibility, stretchability, and moldability without compromising consistent conductivity.

Our advantages don’t end there. Unlike conventional flex circuitry that can't withstand significant stretching or deformation over time, Liquid Wire's self-healing Metal Gel™ conductor flows and stretches with the circuit's substrate. This allows circuits to be deformed, twisted, or stretched virtually unlimited times.

Beyond transmitting digital information, our circuits can act as strain or pressure sensors feeding measurements into your device. This gives wearables a new way to gain more precise multi-axis measurements of body movement with highly conformable sensors.

  • Carrier substrate agnostic, non-toxic, RoHS compliant

  • Best in class hard-to-soft transitions and vias

  • Modular architecture


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capacitive Slider Data Sheet
Capacitive Slider
Strain Sensor Data Sheet
Strain Sensor
Force Sensor
Electrode System
LED Ring
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